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Engage PEO is a US-based professional employer organization that utilizes cloud technology along with the legal expertise of an HR service team to provide outsourcing solutions for small to mid-size businesses. Engage PEO provides an HR service team, comprised mainly of HR experts and employment attorneys, to share insights and knowledge into the tasks and issues that matter and ensure compliance across the business infrastructure. Clients have 24/7 access to Engage PEO's integrated self-service portal, which provides tools for electronic onboarding, benefits enrollment, payroll management, PTO and time tracking, advanced reporting, skill tracking, and much more. With Engage PEO, businesses can streamline payroll and benefits administration, onboarding and recruiting, compliance, training, and risk management. HR professionals can assist clients with HR administrative functions such as employee training, background check and drug test coordination, employee handbook and policy creation, plus more. Engage PEO also provides an experienced payroll team that provides full-service support and training for payroll processing and tax administration. For benefits administration, Engage PEO partners with national insurance carriers such as Aetna, MetLife, Allstate, and many more to provide ACA-compliant employee benefits such as medical, vision and dental insurance plans, a 401(k) program, insurance discounts, and other additional perks.
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