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BlueBox by Trace Solutions is an enterprise-level property management software solution for property owners and investors. Typical users are large or fast growing organizations with multiple users.

BlueBox is an “off-the-shelf” package, in that it requires little or no bespoke development. But the system is highly configurable to match the needs of the organization. It includes property-specific general ledger accounts and a comprehensive property database, but it also integrates easily with other enterprise software such as corporate accounts, business intelligence and valuation tools.

BlueBox comes with numerous intelligent automation features to reduce bureaucracy, including bank reconciliation, IFRS16 calculation and Section 20 compliance. It allows businesses to automatically schedule and email more than 200 standard reports. 

The system also includes Mojo, a cloud-based platform that delivers easy-to-use, device-independent web applications. Each Mojo application re-invents an individual property management process such as lease entry, invoice approval, client reporting and more. Mojo allows non-expert users to benefit from and contribute to the core system, to improve data quality and accelerate workflow.

BlueBox can be deployed either as SaaS, or self-hosted by the user.


BlueBox - BlueBox dashboard screenshot
  • BlueBox - BlueBox dashboard screenshot
    BlueBox dashboard screenshot
  • BlueBox - BlueBox shopping centre screenshot
    BlueBox shopping centre screenshot
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