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Reneza is a cloud-based property management solution designed for property owners and landlords managing various property types including portfolios, overseas properties, apartments, individual units, HMOs and more. Key features include automated payments, a built-in messenger, a mechanism to conduct background checks and a digital archive for relevant documents.

Reneza provides landlords with a central dashboard that helps them to track rent collection schedules, review tenant backgrounds, check credit scores and send tenants reminders about due payments. The solution also allows prospective tenants to view different properties, create personal profiles and share information with landlords and property owners.

Additionally, Reneza supports integration with various third-party applications such as Stripe, Zoopla, Rocket.Chat, Veriff and more. Services are offered on a monthly subscription basis.

Support to users is offered via phone and email. Pricing is per month. 


Reneza - Landlord dashboard
  • Reneza - Landlord dashboard
    Landlord dashboard
  • Reneza - Landlord timeline
    Landlord timeline
  • Reneza - Tenant screening process
    Tenant screening process
  • Reneza - Successful lease
    Successful lease
  • Reneza - Payments
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