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Medtask is a cloud-based electronic medical records (EMR) solution that helps to automate clinical operations of healthcare providers. Key features include appointment scheduling, document management, reporting and analysis and claim management.

Medtask appointment scheduling feature helps patients to schedule appointments by booking slots based on availability of the concerned physician. The solution also provides appointment reminder feature that gives a patient an advance alert in order to avoid a no-show.

Medtask dashboard feature provides information about patients’ demographics, progress reports, payments processing and other related details. The solution also helps patients to submit and track electronic claims that can be validated by using claims scrubbing feature.

Additionally, it offers co-pay management, charting, multi-location support, claim templates and patient workflow tools. Medtask is HIPAA compliant and is accessible through mobile applications. The solution offers support via email.


Medtask Enterprise - Patient chart
  • Medtask Enterprise - Patient chart
    Patient chart
  • Medtask Enterprise - Scheduler
  • Medtask Enterprise - Financial dashboard
    Financial dashboard
  • Medtask Enterprise - Invoice
  • Medtask Enterprise - Electronic remittance advice
    Electronic remittance advice
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