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FleetCommander is a cloud-based fleet management solution that enables transportation and logistics companies to track their fleet assets and manage fuel costs. FleetCommander also offers a plug-and-play hardware device that works on light- and medium-duty vehicles for location tracking.

FleetCommander offers GPS tracking feature that gives vehicle locations along with other asset details including speed, coordinates and driver information. It also provides geofencing functionality that helps vehicle owners set pre-defined boundaries and receive alerts if vehicles move out of those zones. FleetCommander provides diagnostic alerts to users for fleet maintenance. A trouble code alert is sent when the solution notices any emission or engine trouble scenarios.

FleetCommander offers other features, including device assignment profiles, driver performance and graphical reports. Asset maintenance, vehicle health, driver behavior and other reports can be viewed, exported or printed through a user dashboard. FleetCommander is compliant with DOT and FMCA regulations and maintains logs for supervisors.


FleetCommander - GPS tracking
  • FleetCommander - GPS tracking
    GPS tracking
  • FleetCommander - Maintenance alerts
    Maintenance alerts
  • FleetCommander - Dashboard reports
    Dashboard reports
  • FleetCommander - Vehicle device allocations
    Vehicle device allocations
  • FleetCommander - Track driver performance
    Track driver performance
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