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myCart is a cloud-based retail solution suitable for brick and mortar retail businesses of any size. Key features include point of sale (POS), inventory management, customer management, payment processing and accounting.

myCart features a core POS system that is compatible with a variety of payment portals. Users can accept payment through various means such as cash, credit cards and gift cards, and payments can also be split among the various methods. Users can create product bundles, discounts and coupons as customer incentives within the solution. It also includes support for multiple currencies.

myCart enables users to create employee user accounts and track sales and commissions by employee. The solution also features an employee time clock and scheduling functions. Users can run a variety of reports on metrics such as profits, revenue loss, inventory and stock. The solution offers integration with QuickBooks for accounting.


myCart - Administrative interface
  • myCart - Administrative interface
    Administrative interface
  • myCart - POS screen
    POS screen
  • myCart - Mobile interface
    Mobile interface
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