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PSI LeanEra is an enterprise resource management (ERP) designed for industrial manufacturing, chemical manufacturing and distribution, biotech and medical device manufacturing and automotive industry. Primary features include product management, sales management, cost management, manufacturing management, purchase management, e-commerce and project management.

The product management feature provides an ‘Item Master’ module that provides item grouping, categorization, work order and purchase order management, bills of material, routing and lot control features. The sales management feature provides estimating, quoting, sales order entry and configuration, pricing management, operation control center and shipping.

The manufacturing feature offers production work order management, shop floor control and inventory management. The purchase management feature offers purchase order and quality control. The accounting features provide financial management including accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger.

Support is offered via email and over the phone. It is compatible with mobile devices.


PSI ERP - Dashboard
  • PSI ERP - Dashboard
  • PSI ERP - Dashboard on-the-go
    Dashboard on-the-go
  • PSI ERP - Product Master
    Product Master
  • PSI ERP - Project Budget Management
    Project Budget Management
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