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DataNet Solutions offers MedServices STAT EHR, an ONC - ATCB certified electronic health record (EHR) solution developed for ambulatory practices. It also offers them practice management and patient portal functionalities.

MedServices STAT EHR is designed for primary care practices, as well as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and community health care centers. It features several common EHR modules, such as custom templates, e-prescribing and labs, dictation, growth charts, kiosk patient registration, internal messages, health maintenance reminders and clinical decision support alerts.

This solution also offers unique capabilities for FQHCs and community health centers, such as an integrated Patient Assistance Program. Using the patient portal, patients can access their medical records, pay bills, view lab results and schedule appointments from multiple devices.

Services are offered on a monthly subscription basis after a one-time fee that includes support via phone and email.


MedServices STAT EHR - Patient screen
  • MedServices STAT EHR - Patient screen
    Patient screen
  • MedServices STAT EHR - Patient encounter
    Patient encounter
  • MedServices STAT EHR - Patient vital signs
    Patient vital signs
  • MedServices STAT EHR - Physician home page
    Physician home page
  • MedServices STAT EHR - Patient portal
    Patient portal
  • MedServices STAT EHR - Patient portal lab
    Patient portal lab
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