EDGE est une solution de gestion d'essais cliniques qui fournit des fonctionnalités de reporting pour accélérer les processus internes et permettre aux utilisateurs d'optimiser l'utilisation des données. Cette solution est... En savoir plus

TCPL HMS is an on-premise medical solution for hospitals and clinics of various sizes. The solution caters to general practitioners, gynecologists, pediatricians, orthopedicians, ENT specialists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists,... En savoir plus

WinApps is a cloud-based and on-premise hospital management solution for clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. WinApps keeps track of doctors, staff and patients. It generates bills by selecting names and tracks medicine stock,... En savoir plus

GoRev is an information management system designed to help healthcare organizations handle patient registrations, appointments, scheduling, revenue and more on a unified portal. The platform offers charge management functionality,... En savoir plus

Halemind is a cloud-based hospital management solution, which helps medical colleges, pharmacies, laboratories and clinics streamline processes related to patient registration, electronic health records (EHR), appointment... En savoir plus

goporter is an iBeacon based Porter Management Solution that helps you to track, monitor and manage your staff within a building. System is designed specifically for Janitor and Facility Management Companies who face challenges... En savoir plus

Vizient is a hospital management solution that helps businesses in the healthcare industry streamline clinical, analytics, vaccination and supply chain operations. It enables medical professionals to automate billing, regulatory... En savoir plus

semedi is a telemedicine solution, which helps medical facilities streamline appointment booking, video consultation, patient check-in, reporting and other healthcare processes from within a unified platform. Professionals can... En savoir plus

CureGenX is a complete hospital management system designed for multi-specialty hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and laboratories. This software includes many modules such as reception, OPD, IPD, billing, insurance, laboratory,... En savoir plus

CareRight is a cloud-based practice management solution, which helps small to large healthcare organizations manage patients, automate workflows and handle finances. Features include appointment scheduling, version control, task... En savoir plus

CareVue is a hospital management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare sector manage electronic health records (EHR) and clinical workflows. The platform enables clinicians to view real-time patient information... En savoir plus

HINAI Web by ICT Health is a comprehensive hospital information management system that can be deployed on any platform and used on any web browser. It is equipped with workflow configuration capabilities and includes a mulit-media... En savoir plus

MediFusion is a fully integrated suite of software designed to offer innovative FREE Electronic Health Record (EHR) and medical billing solutions to healthcare practices to elevate their clinical, administrative as well as... En savoir plus

The Rave Alert mass notification system gets the right message to the right user at the right time from any internet-connected device. Send your message from anywhere to anywhere in a matter of seconds. It only takes three clicks... En savoir plus

B Care addresses the documentation, case management, assessment and administrative needs of healthcare and community mental health providers, enabling them to make informed decisions, provide patient and client-centric care... En savoir plus