NOLA est une solution de call center conçue pour aider les entreprises à communiquer avec leurs clients par le biais d'appels sortants ou entrants conformément aux réglementations TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). Elle... En savoir plus

NetIQ is an access management product portfolio that helps organizations share confidential information across web and cloud environments. Capabilities include single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, self-service password... En savoir plus

Evidian is a cloud-based and on-premise identity governance and access management solution designed to help enterprises across finance, healthcare, telecom and various other sectors ensure the security of information systems.... En savoir plus

Plurilock ADAPT authenticates invisibly. Every company would prefer to add multi-factor authentication without compromising productivity. Traditional solutions add steps, frustration, and support overhead, yet are user-agnostic—th... En savoir plus

daccord is an access governance software that helps businesses manage and control user rights across all enterprise IT systems. The software is available in 3 editions: Access Governance Edition With the Access Governance... En savoir plus

IDHub is a fully customizable, flexible, and user-friendly IAM solution. We know managing a highly technical IAM system can be challenging. However, convincing users how and why to use it is often as difficult. After nearly two... En savoir plus

AccessOwl is a Slack-based platform for orchestrating employees' access to SaaS accounts. Automate on and offboarding, ad-hoc access requests, and automated creation of an audit trail. The software helps businesses provide the... En savoir plus

strongDM is a database management software tool designed for SMBs and agencies. It aims to provide technical staff, including CTOs, CIOs, DevOps, and infrastructure engineers, secure access to their company's resources. It blends... En savoir plus

UnityIS is the perfection solution for managing Physical Access Control, Video and Intrusion Systems. Connect from any internet connected device using UnityIS. Easy-to-use web interface is intuitive and can expand with the... En savoir plus

In today’s world where work-from-home has become common, Venn's LocalZone provides a unique path to reduce computing costs for remote associates while also increasing data security. LocalZone is a new software product that runs... En savoir plus

Teleport est une passerelle permettant de gérer l'accès à Kubernetes, aux serveurs Linux et Windows, aux bases de données et aux applications. Contrôlez l'accès à toutes vos ressources cloud en un seul endroit avec Teleport. La... En savoir plus