Designed for small and medium enterprises, ithikios is an ISO27001-certified whistleblowing platform that enables employees to submit anonymous complaints through multiple channels. Businesses can create an anonymous whistleblowin... En savoir plus

Spot est une solution cloud de signalement, conçue pour aider les entreprises de toutes tailles à créer des flux de travail pour traiter les questions sensibles et rationaliser la communication entre les employés et les services... En savoir plus

MyComplianceManagement (MyCM) is a case management platform for handling compliance and misconduct issues aggregated from multiple sources such as the hotline reports taken by ComplianceLine’s intake experts, from web forms or... En savoir plus

Ethicontrol is a whistleblowing solution designed to help SMEs facilitate and streamline anonymous communication with informers on a unified interface. The platform enables administrators to capture incident-related information... En savoir plus

Whispli is a plug-and-play whistleblowing solution designed to help businesses engage with employees anonymously on issues related to compliance, human resources (HR) and other cases. Professionals can create automation based on... En savoir plus

Vispato is a fully compliant and customizable whistleblowing platform that helps businesses protect companies' operations from wrongdoing and stay in compliance with the law. It lets businesses anonymously communicate with... En savoir plus

hintcatcher is a digital whistleblower system that allows you to set up an internal anonymous misconduct reporting channel to those responsible in your organization. Its ease of use encourages whistleblowers to report incidents... En savoir plus

EasyWhistle is a secure and easy-to-use solution for anonymous two-way communication that meets the requirements of the European Union's whistleblowing directive. The service is suitable for companies and organizations of all... En savoir plus

FaceUp is an online whistleblowing tool. Allow others to let you know that something is off safely. Your employees can anonymously report work-related problems through the website and mobile app. Everything is simple, efficient... En savoir plus