Hevo est une plateforme de traitement de données bidirectionnelle, sans programmation, spécialement conçue pour les besoins modernes en matière d'ETL, d'ELT et d'ETL inversé. Elle aide les équipes chargées des données à rationalis... En savoir plus

G-data is a proprietary AI-powered business intelligence software that brings a real-time, multi-platform integrated, advanced analytical SaaS solution for online businesses in China. G-data collects data from all eCommerce and... En savoir plus

Evolving practices, new consumer demands, and increasing competitive pressure push companies to make the most out of the data they collect. Being able to process and analyze data has become crucial in the era of digital transforma... En savoir plus

Tail CDP is the most complete solution for Marketing Data Intelligence in Brazil. With it, you unify your company's data and get a 360º view of your customers, besides using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to... En savoir plus