Live is a workflow management software, which allows instrumentalists and musicians to create, edit and produce music, sounds, rhythms, tunes, audios, songs, melodies and more. The solution offers a built-in sound library, which... En savoir plus

REAPER est une solution sur site qui aide les petites entreprises et les organismes à but non lucratif à rationaliser les processus liés à la production, à l'édition, à la transformation et à la personnalisation de l'audio. Cette... En savoir plus

Ardour is an on-premise open source solution that helps businesses upload, record, and edit audio clips on Linux, MacOS and Windows devices. Editors can extract soundtracks from imported videos, add blank frames, and route... En savoir plus

LMMS is an open-source audio editing and music composing solution that helps organizations manage projects, synthesize sounds, create beats, fine-tune notes, automate songs, and more on a centralized platform. It enables users to... En savoir plus

Soundation is an audio editing software designed to help team members collaborate with each other to create and produce music. The platform enables administrators to import, export and record audio in real-time on a unified... En savoir plus

Audiotool is a cloud-based music production solution that helps businesses handle the editing, mixing, manipulation and recording of audio files. The platform enables music artists to compose, upload and share audio tracks with... En savoir plus

Zencastr is a cloud-based solution that provides businesses with tools to add manage and edit audio clips for podcasts. Professionals can collaborate and communicate with multiple users through chats and Voice Over Internet... En savoir plus

Spreaker is a web-based podcast hosting solution designed to help businesses create, host, publish and distribute podcasts using various content marketing and campaign management tools. Key features include multiple customizable... En savoir plus

Anchor is a cloud-based podcast hosting solution that helps businesses create, record and distribute podcasts across various streaming platforms. Professionals can use the dashboard to track content performance based on specific... En savoir plus

Podomatic is a podcast management solution that helps businesses create, store, publish and promote video and audio-based podcasts in MPEG-4 and MP3 file formats. It enables staff members to utilize the recording booth functionali... En savoir plus

VEGAS Pro is a video editing tool that helps businesses create and edit professional videos on a centralized platform. Managers can edit video clips on the nested timeline and share specific sections with colleagues to improve... En savoir plus