Kisi is a cloud-based physical security application that helps businesses control user access and exchange communications across organizational devices. Administrators can utilize a centralized dashboard configure door security... En savoir plus

CASH est une solution de sécurité physique conçue pour aider les entreprises à rationaliser les processus liés à la gestion des interventions, à la facturation, au suivi des ventes, etc. Les administrateurs peuvent conserver une... En savoir plus


SMS by Keytech est un système de gestion de la sécurité sur site adapté à tous les secteurs d'activité. Il peut être déployé sur plusieurs sites et offre des fonctionnalités telles que des journaux de filtrage des visiteurs... En savoir plus

Blue Iris is a video security and webcam solution that helps businesses automate security operations through live cameras and remote access functionality. It enables organizations to view action lists, capture screenshots and... En savoir plus

goTracker is a cloud-based guard management system designed to help businesses manage scheduling, reporting, and security operations via a unified portal. The platform enables security organizations to define locations, create... En savoir plus

Ontic is a risk management and physical security solution that provides protective intelligence, allowing businesses to manage and investigate physical threats against employees, customers and assets. It is SaaS software that... En savoir plus

Openpath is a cloud-based keyless door access control solution that helps small to large businesses across real estate, education, retail and various other sectors manage permissions and implement site-specific restrictions... En savoir plus

People usually don’t call 911 or alert on-site security during an emergency until they feel safe, often severely delaying emergency response and sometimes resulting in otherwise preventable loss of life. Protect your people... En savoir plus

Verkada is a physical security management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing and other sectors manage access control and gain visibility across events in real-time via video... En savoir plus

WatchKeeper is a critical event management platform for managing physical security threats at scale. It enables organisations to monitor natural disasters, violent incidents and public health emergencies, alongside their own... En savoir plus

Cloud-based Video Management Software Improve your workplace safety and security with real-time insights of our AI-Powered video analytics engine. The one-stop platform allows you to view all your cameras, events, and incidents... En savoir plus

Cloud or Local deployment for Portal with Real-Time Logs, Compliance Reports & Dashboards. IntelliPass provides early detection of High-risk individuals with automated temperature measurement and mask detection, audio/visual... En savoir plus