Encapsia est une suite de données cliniques conçue pour aider les organisations à rationaliser la saisie, la gestion et le reporting des données électroniques liées aux essais cliniques. Celle-ci comprend une application eSource... En savoir plus

Create digital workflows with SmartCAT, an iOS and Android data collection platform to help manage critical assets, tools, materials, and processes, across different industries. The highly configurable platform enables users to... En savoir plus

Ethica is a research platform, which allows scientists to design their research studies. The solution provides a variety of features, such as participant recruitment, sensor data collection, survey response, data analysis and... En savoir plus

A Clinical data management platform that helps CROs, Pharma, Biotech, and Academia to simplify and streamline data collection. cubeCDMS is CRScube's flagship EDC solution compliant with the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11. cubeCDMS is... En savoir plus