MURAL est une plateforme de collaboration conçue pour aider les organisations à recueillir et analyser des idées et à créer des flux de travail personnalisés pour gérer les opérations de gestion de projet entre les équipes. La... En savoir plus

IPEVO Annotator is an interactive whiteboard software designed to help educational institutions draw and annotate on images projected on a screen using various tools, such as spotlight, magnifying lens, ruler, protractor and... En savoir plus

Witeboard is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses collaborate on tasks by sharing the whiteboard URL link with teams, partners and internal stakeholders. It enables users to utilize keyboard shortcuts to draw shapes or... En savoir plus

Ayoa est une solution de gestion de projet qui s'adresse aux entreprises et aux institutions de toutes tailles dans divers secteurs tels que l'éducation, l'alimentation et les boissons, le graphisme et l'animation, l'habillement,... En savoir plus

TASKBOSS enables businesses to design projects in a visual project plan according to the WBS principle and move tasks and sub-projects on the project plan and assign them to freely creatable phases and branches of your projects.... En savoir plus

Draft was created for teams to think collectively and work collaboratively in the digital environment—and overcome the challenges of turning ideas into meaningful action. Draft’s‘visual document universe’ enables teams to... En savoir plus

Epic Pen is a whiteboard software designed to help businesses draw, write and highlight across multiple screens in real-time. The platform enables administrators to annotate teaching materials using interactive whiteboards. Graph... En savoir plus