NOLA est une solution de call center conçue pour aider les entreprises à communiquer avec leurs clients par le biais d'appels sortants ou entrants conformément aux réglementations TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). Elle... En savoir plus

PhinPoint is an anti-spam solution that helps businesses in banking, health care, education, energy, government, insurance, legal and retail industries manage and prevent phishing attacks in emails. The intelligence platform... En savoir plus

EuropeanMX is a cloud-based security software suitable for businesses of all size. Key features include incoming and outgoing filtering as well as email archiving. The solution can detect cyber attack patterns and spam attempts... En savoir plus


ORF is an easy-to-use and versatile spam filter for IIS SMTP and Microsoft Exchange. The platform offers layered protection, multiple filtering points, self-learning whitelisting, SURBL and DNS Blacklists support, email authentica... En savoir plus