The Ramp is a campaign management software designed to help businesses in the retail and automotive sectors manage digital advertisements across various platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google and YouTube.... En savoir plus

Jolt est une plateforme de RH éditée par Intuiplan. Le système est évolutif et adapté aux entreprises de différentes envergures. Les entreprises des secteurs de l'alimentation et des boissons, de l'hôtellerie et des voyages, du... En savoir plus

zeeHIVE is a cloud-based solution designed to help franchisees manage communications for recording and tracking sales, auditing, lead generation and advertisement creation. Key features include commission management, franchise... En savoir plus

Maestro Intelligence Hub is a cloud-based platform, which helps small to midsize businesses connect, manage and analyze operational processes between frontend and backend applications such as CRM, HR, accounting, ERP, POS,... En savoir plus

Fision offers an integrated marketing automation and sales enablement solution to help distributed field sales and local marketers customize and distribute timely, relevant and multi-channel campaigns. Fision's distributed... En savoir plus

Macanta empowers you to create custom Workflow and Process Automation, as well as creating a Custom CRM with an Interface to match your business needs. You are in complete control. You set the Data Structure, Contact Relationship... En savoir plus

HARMONiQ is an all-one-one ERP solution designed for wholesale & distribution based businesses with complex inventory and management requirements. Allowing you to stay in control, have full visibility of information across your... En savoir plus

HUBYup is an erp/crm software in the cloud specialized in franchise networks. Because we know the complexity of managing a network, we created HUBYup to help franchisors and franchisees manage their business with serenity. Our... En savoir plus