Tix est une solution cloud de vente de billets et de dons en ligne et en guichet. Les fonctionnalités comprennent la gestion des événements, les contrôles d'accès, la distanciation sociale, plusieurs options de sièges, etc. Tix... En savoir plus

B3App is a key support for companies and event organizers to launch and organize events of all kinds. Thanks to its "all-supports" function (web and mobile applications available on Android and iOS), this platform can support... En savoir plus

A global Supply Chain management platform, SaaS-based, cloud-hosted, enabling Item-level traceability to streamline your Supply Chain. Unlock visibility for critical business functions including operational performance, location... En savoir plus

VenuePro is made up of 17 distinct modules, with more in the pipeline, which can be selected to create a tailored solution. VenuePro can pick up the slack and automate a lot of the manual, repetitive functions that an operations... En savoir plus