CyberMed is an integrated cloud-based medical solution that is suitable for practices in a variety of specialties. Key features include electronic health records (EHR) and medical billing functionalities along with chronic care... En savoir plus

Created by experts in clinical care, Zipnosis is a cloud-based virtual care solution designed to simplify healthcare operations and improve accessibility for both patients and providers. With Zipnosis, healthcare professional are... En savoir plus

CareClix is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution that helps the healthcare industry manage virtual clinics and remote consultations. It enables doctors to access patient medical history, perform examinations, verify insurance... En savoir plus

ELVI, CompuGroup Medical’s tele-health solution, offers you the ability to engage with patients via web, phone, or mobile app in a matter of minutes from any location. ELVI telemedicine software is web-based, multi-browser... En savoir plus

Hale is a remote patient monitoring platform, enabling clinical teams and health care practices to gain real-time health data without the need for on-site consultations. The platform enables patient medical records to be updated... En savoir plus

Dr. TIS is a white-label telemedicine solution designed to help businesses in the healthcare sector attend to patients located across multiple geographical locations. Key features include appointment scheduling, e-prescribing,... En savoir plus

Klara is a cloud-based telemedicine solution designed to streamline workflows and communication. This virtual care platform helps practices connect with patients via multiple channels. With Klara, live video visits including up... En savoir plus

Healent is a cloud-based patient care management solution designed to help hospitals and health care centers manage the entire surgical journey of remote patients, from pre to post-operative rehabilitation by communicating with... En savoir plus

FOTO is a cloud-based functional outcome platform, which helps rehabilitation centers monitor and measure patient's physical ability to perform specific tasks through self-reporting. Features include performance metrics, quality... En savoir plus

PowWow is a telemedicine platform that helps healthcare providers to connect with patients without disrupting the doctor-patient workflow. PowWow allows healthcare providers across various industries segments such as primary and... En savoir plus

Zeally health is a turn-key telehealth virtual care platform Trusted by over 1.8 Million patients nationwide. Healthcare providers can securely communicate with patients by video, telephone, and messaging. Features such as... En savoir plus