Bryt loan management software is a cloud-based solution designed to aid lending professionals in loan origination, loan servicing, document creation, storage, trust accounting, payment processing and more. Having a centralized... En savoir plus

Plaid est une solution financière dans le cloud qui aide les utilisateurs à établir une connexion entre les applications et les comptes bancaires pour accéder aux données bancaires. La plateforme permet d'authentifier les... En savoir plus

nCino is a cloud-based bank operating system that supports retail banking, commercial banking, credit unions, and other financial institutions. It provides features that are collaborative, smart, and easy to use, saving institutio... En savoir plus

C2 Covalent is a cloud-based loan origination solution designed to help banks, credit unions and financial institutions automate the processing of loans. Accessible via a terminal, laptop, tablet or mobile device, the platform... En savoir plus

CloudBnq is a cloud-based loan origination software which enables small to midsize financial institutions such as community banks, regional banks or credit unions to manage the digital lending process. The solution allows users... En savoir plus

Roostify is a cloud-based digital mortgage management platform that helps midsize and large businesses simplify and accelerate home loan experience for customers and lenders. Designed for depository banks, credit unions and... En savoir plus

Rapport is a cloud-based loan origination solution that allows financial institutions to expediate the origination process and improve workflow efficiency through automation. From credit decisioning to documentation, Rapport can... En savoir plus

SPARK is loan origination software designed to help small businesses, bankers, lenders and lending service providers (LSPs) manage intake, underwriting, packaging, closing and disbursement processes. Administrators can configure... En savoir plus

REACH is an online platform that is available specifically for LoanCirrus, a provider of digital solutions for digital banks, microfinance institutions, credit unions, and other lenders. REACH can fully integrate with LoanCirrus... En savoir plus

Vision is a commercial lease and loan origination platform that helps organizations streamline and automate business workflows. Designed for financial institutions such as banks and leasing companies, it allows agents to gain... En savoir plus

Hypercore streamlines lending operations and streamlines loan management for SMEs. Professionals can manage compliance, risks, financial statements and portfolios. Businesses can use Hypercore to configure workflows, analyze and... En savoir plus

LoansPLUS+ is an advanced management and originations platform that provides a full suite of Loans Originations and Management Services. With modules ranging from originations to servicing and recovery management, our cloud-based,... En savoir plus

Centrex is a cloud-based finance customer relationship management (CRM) solution, which helps enterprises manage client interactions, revenue generation and loan portfolio. Other features include custom workflows, override/SlowPay... En savoir plus