Venly est un fournisseur de technologie blockchain qui crée des outils et des produits pour aider les entreprises à bénéficier de la technologie blockchain. L'éditeur fournit une pile technologique complète pour intégrer des... En savoir plus

NinjaFT is a digital assets marketplace connecting creators and consumers. NinjaFT gives creatives the opportunity to earn digital income by custom minting NFT collectibles, sell them in the marketplace, or use them as rewards on... En savoir plus

BakerySwap is an open digital marketplace that enables users to exchange NFTs with one another. Users can store their NFTs in the BakerySwap wallet, trade them with other users and also participate in auctions run by third party... En savoir plus

OneMint is the fully decentralized platform that empowers you to mint your own digital collectibles, loyalty points or carbon credits. OneMint makes it easy to create and distribute fully traceable, cryptographically verifiable... En savoir plus

PixelChain is an NFT creation platform where users can create, tokenize, and sell their digital art. By using advanced image processing techniques and deep neural networks, PixelChain allows users to create pixel art pieces that... En savoir plus is a cloud-based NFT creation platform for users who want to create and customize their own NFTs. offers users the ability to: highlight and share links with the Hotpot NFT pages, create high resolution images... En savoir plus

Nifty Ink is a platform to convert your digital drawings into limited-edition NFTs. No longer will you have to find a way to preserve your drawing digitally, or limit the number of times you can share it online. Using Nifty Ink... En savoir plus

Built for both security and functionality, this NFT creation, distribution and integration solution allows users to send them via QR codes or email, manage inventory in-game, create unlimited asset types and much more. Enjin is a... En savoir plus