Prodigal is a cloud-based Consumer Finance Intelligence solution. Lenders, collection agencies, and healthcare providers depend on Prodigal to analyze every agent and customer conversation to enhance profits, customer experience,... En savoir plus

MaestroQA is a quality assurance platform designed to help call centers measure and improve the customer experience. It helps managers automate manual QA tasks with various capabilities, such as screen capture, agent coaching,... En savoir plus

RedRoute is an advanced AI voice assistant that can quickly handle the majority of simple inbound customer support calls. Our voice assistant creates an Alexa or Siri-like experience for customers on your phone channel. RedRoute... En savoir plus

Cresta is a cloud-based real-time AI contact center for customer service and live chat. Cresta combines the latest in artificial intelligence and natural language processing with advanced human coaching to achieve real-time... En savoir plus allows businesses to improve operations, boost engagement, increase conversions, deliver delightful customer experiences, and promote top-line business growth while reducing business costs. GenieTalk is an... En savoir plus

The performance of contact center agents and teams can be enhanced using the web-based quality assurance tool known as VQ Online. Create several personalized scorecards for various channels and programmes. Coaches are focused on... En savoir plus

Pathlight keeps customer-facing teams engaged and motivated to exceed expectations. The platform combines quality assurance, workforce management, real-time data analysis, communications, AI coaching, predictive goal setting,... En savoir plus