Sybill is a video call partner for sales teams. It helps accelerate revenue by bringing emotional intelligence into the sales process to understand buyers better. Teams can track prospects, manage leads, assess sentiment data and... En savoir plus

Spike est un logiciel de gestion de la collaboration conçu pour aider les entreprises à communiquer avec les équipes de plusieurs services et sites par e-mail, messagerie instantanée et notes sur une boîte de réception unifiée.... En savoir plus

Repeda is an online study platform driven by a spaced learning algorithm. Repeda aims to improve the learning experience of users, helping them to learn more effectively and efficiently. Users can create unlimited study cards and... En savoir plus

Online digital note-taking platform designed to help businesses store documents in the cloud. Key features include third-party integration, custom templates, voice-to-text functionality, handwritten digital notes and instant... En savoir plus

With everything in one place, it's easier for pastors, clergy, spiritual directors, campus workers, chaplains, and care providers to connect with each other and those in the care network. Leaders can easily care for those around... En savoir plus