Vyond est un logiciel cloud d'animation qui aide les entreprises à créer des vidéos animées pour rationaliser les processus de marketing, de formation et d'e-learning. Les superviseurs peuvent enregistrer des vidéos au format MP4... En savoir plus

Maya is an animation tool for 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, and rendering. With Maya, you can create any character or creature imaginable. Users can design cool virtual reality games or popular TV shows or movies or... En savoir plus

Mixamo is a 3D animation solution that can animate 3D characters for film and video games. Mixamo provides a vast collection of high-quality 3D characters as well as hundreds of character animations, Mixamo ensures that characters... En savoir plus

Autoscope is a product that automatically performs the tedious task of rotoscoping, allowing users to focus on the fun creative side of animation. All the animator has to do is choose a video, choose the frames to rotoscope and... En savoir plus

iClone is an animation solution that helps businesses generate animated videos for online games and films. The application enables professionals to configure settings to adjust visuals, lightings and scenes as per business... En savoir plus