Moogsoft is an AIOps platform designed to help software engineers, developers and IT administrators observe, monitor and correlate alerts for applications, services and infrastructures to generate actionable insights. The... En savoir plus

Doxel est une plateforme d'optimisation de la construction qui fournit des données en temps réel. En utilisant les données du projet à travers le BIM (Building Information Modeling), les calendriers et les budgets, Doxel fournit... En savoir plus

papAI studio accélère l'expérimentation et réduit les coûts de développement permettant un déploiement rapide de vos projets de data science et d'IA. Datategy, une startup française, accompagne ses clients de la formulation des... En savoir plus

Zowie enables businesses to deflect tickets using automation technology, care for customers with omnichannel inbox and sell more using enhanced customer context. Zowie can act as a standalone customer service system or enhance... En savoir plus

Lucy is a cloud-based order processing solution designed to help small to large businesses analyze, capture and create sales orders. Features include notifications, self-service mapping, event log, SSO authentication and timeline... En savoir plus

Arya by Leoforce is a recruiting platform that helps enterprises and staffing agencies quickly and efficiently identify and engage qualified candidates for open positions. Arya eliminates the need to post, search and monitor... En savoir plus