Drag est une boîte de réception pour tout destinée aux équipes ; un emplacement unique apprécié des équipes pour prendre en charge les clients, gérer les tâches et conclure des transactions : les e-mails. boîte de réception... En savoir plus

Custodian is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) management platform, which helps businesses manage application purchasing, licensing and monitoring. Features include usage tracking, bulk data import, contract renewal... En savoir plus

AdsPower is an anti-association service provider that provides secure browser environments with VPN-level encryption. Online and social media accounts can be pre-programmed into the system, allowing users to access each account... En savoir plus

The best most Flexible and cost-effective Solution that helps businesses track their inventory's status and locations, submit paperless inspections, create a Maintenance Planner. Defect Reporting and attach media as well as pin... En savoir plus

AccessOwl is a Slack-based platform for orchestrating employees' access to SaaS accounts. Automate on and offboarding, ad-hoc access requests, and automated creation of an audit trail. The software helps businesses provide the... En savoir plus

Oveo is the leading SaaS Management Platform (SMP) in Europe. Our advanced automation platform enable companies to easily discover all their apps, optimize usage, reduce IT cost and time spent, while boosting employee productivity... En savoir plus

Spendflo provides visibility, control and optimization over SaaS spending for businesses. It becomes the centralized SaaS purchasing function to handle negotiations and renewals for \clients. The platform tracks SaaS spend and... En savoir plus

Productiv is a cloud-based renewal platform that enables businesses to make data-driven decisions about technology spending. Productiv’s automated workflows and deep analytics helps organizations get more from their software... En savoir plus