BlueOptima is a cloud-based IT project management solution that helps small to large enterprises manage the entire software development lifecycle using objective metrics. The centralized platform provides an Actual Coding Effort... En savoir plus

Apica's platform combines active monitoring and load testing to ensure the health and performance of all applications. Monitoring teams can now ensure all business-critical applications and transactions are secure and available,... En savoir plus

NeoLoad is a load testing software that provides DevOps teams with tools to design and conduct code-less performance tests for complex applications. Developers can run automated API tests as codes and utilize CI/CD tools to... En savoir plus

Eggplant Performance est une solution de test d'applications qui aide les entreprises des secteurs de l'aérospatiale, des soins de santé, de la vente au détail et des télécommunications à créer des scripts de test, à identifier... En savoir plus

Kovair ALM Studio is an application lifecycle management solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to project management, testing, quality assurance, requirements management and more on a centralized platform.... En savoir plus

TAST (Test Automation System Tool) est un framework d’automatisation de test cloud qui permet d’optimiser l’automatisation des tests tout au long du processus de test complet, du point de vue de l’utilisateur final. TAST permet... En savoir plus

MOZARK is an App Experience Testing Platform that enables clients to conduct integrated experience, functional, and performance testing. The MOZARK platform consists following items: Application Experience, Application Functional,... En savoir plus

Defensics is a powerful, automated black box fuzzer that empowers organizations to develop secure, high-quality software and bring it safely to market. Fuzz testing is the practice of delivering invalid or unexpected inputs to... En savoir plus

Crowdtest is a platform developed to unite the workforce of freelance testers with clients who need to test their applications and services. It offers two models, Pay-Per-Bug, where testers look for bugs in the system and get... En savoir plus

appYuser is a website monitoring software that helps digital managers, webmasters and IT experts measure web performance issues, assess end users' satisfaction levels, analyze improvement efforts and business impact. The solution... En savoir plus

RevDeBug offers out-of-the-box debugging for microservices. Instantly find the code that broke your service, even for hard to reproduce errors. Users can understand every request, outlier and problem without additional logging... En savoir plus

Touca provides developer-friendly system and infrastructure for checking whether a given code change works as expected. It is cheaper than maintaining in-house solutions and more functional and scalable than free alternatives. We... En savoir plus

Ship happens faster with Virtuoso Never miss a shipping deadline again with Virtuoso testing the web app when needed. With the power of AI and ML combined, Virtuoso tests apps from the perspective of a user, ensuring that all... En savoir plus