Okta Identity Suite est une solution cloud de gestion des identités qui s'adresse aux entreprises de divers secteurs tels que les technologies de l'information, les services aux consommateurs, l'énergie et les services publics,... En savoir plus

AU10TIX is a cloud-based identity management solution that helps organizations in financial services, marketplaces, telecommunication, and other verticals handle identity verification processes. The software assists businesses... En savoir plus

Powered by Zero Trust Architecture, Appgate secure access and cybersecurity solutions enable businesses to reduce risk and ensure network security within a digital environment. Serving more than 1,000 organizations across 40... En savoir plus

Plurilock ADAPT authenticates invisibly. Every company would prefer to add multi-factor authentication without compromising productivity. Traditional solutions add steps, frustration, and support overhead, yet are user-agnostic—th... En savoir plus

DIRO's document verification technology is built to mitigate risks of financial fraud, reduce manual team costs and reduce friction on KYC and AML compliance. Using DIRO’s technology, Banks, and FinTechs can use the technology... En savoir plus

inPhinite is a software specifically created to provide users with the tools to digitally onboard, authenticate and secure. The system is build with various antifraud systems and biometrics technology, providing an effective and... En savoir plus

VaultCore is an encryption key management software designed to help businesses and government administrations secure data by deploying key encryption across virtual and on-premise environments. With VaultCore, administrators can... En savoir plus

Prove ID is an end-to-end ID verification & management tool for online businesses. It enables remote parties to authenticate each other with a customizable verification process. The platform brings a performance-based approach to... En savoir plus

The Certif-ID platform is hardware-agnostic. It can be easily accessed using a laptop or desktop remotely. An admin or dedicated personnel can simply log into Certif-ID to create and issue blockchain-based digital certificates... En savoir plus

Open source solutions (B2B/G) for authentication, identification, credentialing, and digital signatures - based on Decentralized / Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) unlocks more seamless experiences... En savoir plus

Berbix is a document identity verification software that provides users with tools such as biometric scans of customer faces, automated AI, custom configuration and more. Berbix’s automated document identity verification (IDV)... En savoir plus