Trend est une solution basée sur le cloud conçue pour aider les influenceurs de réseaux sociaux à gérer des campagnes marketing et à générer du contenu, améliorant ainsi la valeur de leur marque sur tous les canaux. Elle comprend... En savoir plus


HUI is a collaboration software suite designed to help startups, freelancers, influencers and businesses, manage legal documentation, fundraising activities, sales relationships and human resources. Key features include contact... En savoir plus

#paid is a social media marketing software that helps businesses launch marketing campaigns. The platform enables administrators to collaborate with content creators and publish posts to reach the targeted audience. Managers can... En savoir plus

GroupHigh is a cloud-based application that helps public relations and marketing teams to manage relationships with industry influencers and identify outreach channels such as blogs and social media. Designed for small to large... En savoir plus

Qoruz is an influencer marketing software platform that enables brands and agencies to search for influencers and manage marketing campaigns at scale. Professionals can utilize the proprietary algorithm — Qoruz Score - to review,... En savoir plus

QuikPlace gets as involved as teams want them to. You are able to curate a campaign for your song or brand on your own or have QuikPlace's campaign team put one together for you. QuikPlace specializes in creating trends, which... En savoir plus

trendHERO is a solution for small and medium companies, agencies, marketers and freelancers. It's easy to start and get hundreds of Instagram influencers to promote your business. This platform includes: - 80M+ accounts... En savoir plus

ACTIVATE is a cloud-based influencer management platform designed to help brands streamline the discovery and casting of influencers. Administrators can utilize the campaign management module to launch collaborations among... En savoir plus

TRIBE is a branded content platform that connects marketers with a network of influencers and creators. The platform is suitable for brands and agencies of all sizes and can be used to source content for social media ads, digital... En savoir plus

BuzzGuru helps agencies and brands to easily search and discover the best influencers for their ad campaigns on YouTube, Twitch and TikTok, research market and competitors and make business-critical decisions based on data. An... En savoir plus

Carro is a brand management and influencer marketing solution that helps businesses find influencers, manage campaigns and track sales via a unified platform. It enables managers to measure return on investments (ROIs), identify... En savoir plus

Izea is an influencer marketing solution that helps businesses search and interact with influencers and content creators. It offers a host of features such as audience targeting, campaign management, categorization, conversion... En savoir plus

IMAI is able to shift a company's direction, transforming it into a tech-driven influencer marketing powerhouse with a competitive edge. With its database of approximately 1.2 million influencers, its capability to calculate... En savoir plus

QIVR allows businesses to discover and hire influencers on a centralized platform. It also helps users track and optimize campaigns, create an audience-centric campaign by adding a target audience profile and set the right goal... En savoir plus is an online platform that helps its clients with influencers search and analysis. Scanem offers advanced search tool with more than 18 filters and 5M+ influencers from all around the world. Detailed analytical... En savoir plus