SkyPrep LMS est une solution de gestion des apprentissages dans le cloud qui propose une plateforme pour former les administrateurs à la création, la gestion et la vente de cours de formation. Parmi les fonctionnalités clés... En savoir plus

Ving is a safety training and job information sharing tool that allows businesses to keep employees compliant with the newest standards, policies, or regulations. Ving provides a course library that covers 1,000 topics across a... En savoir plus

Vibe allows internal communication teams to inform, engage and inspire their hard-to-reach workforce with an easy-to-use communication delivery platform. An extensive library of professionally-designed templates allows teams to... En savoir plus

Whale is a training platform that helps small to midsize businesses manage onboarding and training for new employees on a centralized platform. The application allows administrators to create, review, maintain and share learning... En savoir plus


MLS is a cloud-based learning management system, designed to help organizations of all sizes educate and train mechanical engineers using individual practical and targeted self-paced learning modes. The solution comes with a... En savoir plus