JMP est une solution d'analyse de données sur site qui aide les scientifiques, les ingénieurs et les spécialistes de la gestion des données à comprendre les relations complexes entre les données et à les visualiser à l'aide de... En savoir plus

ZENPLOT is a data visualization application that helps businesses with advanced graphics by creating, visualizing and importing different datasets and projects. It enables administrators to visualize data using histograms, line... En savoir plus

Extellio is a cloud-based solution that helps individuals monitor, investigate, and improve user experience, conversion, or user journeys. It comes with all the tools teams need in one place and with extensive human help if... En savoir plus

Designed for midsize and large businesses, Insightech is a web analytics solution that helps collect website visitor data. It enables marketers to receive insights into visitor and customer journeys across all digital assets via... En savoir plus

With companies going global with the help of ever-growing technologies, we can’t confine qualitative research to just physically conducting it in one location.   Organizations have started conducting qualitative research by... En savoir plus

Predict is a leading attention AI app designed to accurately predict customer attention, allowing businesses to optimize all of their visual assets before publication. Predict is an AI-powered online attention tool that... En savoir plus