JMP est une solution d'analyse de données sur site qui aide les scientifiques, les ingénieurs et les spécialistes de la gestion des données à comprendre les relations complexes entre les données et à les visualiser à l'aide de... En savoir plus

Developed by geospatial experts with a passion for data analytics, Maply is super easy to use and requires no to minimum training. It is made for professionals and big enterprises as well as students, teachers, small and medium... En savoir plus

ZENPLOT is a data visualization application that helps businesses with advanced graphics by creating, visualizing and importing different datasets and projects. It enables administrators to visualize data using histograms, line... En savoir plus

Chalkmark is a first click testing software that helps users analyze, monitor and understand what clients click on first when visiting websites. The solution allows users to understand what clients are looking for and are most... En savoir plus