SAFE est une solution de suivi des biens qui aide les cabinets juridiques, des services de police, les hôpitaux, les universités et les musées à rationaliser les processus liés à la gestion des preuves, à la visualisation des... En savoir plus


VCM is a legal management platform that helps private investigators, law firms, claims adjustors and corporations manage administrative and accounting operations. It enables professionals to access case information, assign tasks... En savoir plus

LEFTA is a web-based, fully customizable solution that provides a variety of training forms and reports used by most law enforcement agencies. LEFTA is a field training solution that allows field training officers (FTO) to track... En savoir plus

Designed for law enforcement agencies, government organizations, banks and businesses in the finance industry, it helps detect suspicious and illicit activities across cryptocurrency transactions. En savoir plus

Motion360 is an asset and inventory management software solution with an integrated work order ticketing system that works to eliminate your duplicate processes, reduce errors, increase accountability, and improve your output.... En savoir plus

Purpose-built for agencies and industries managing radios and communications equipment, Commasset includes the only asset and inventory management software that integrates directly with radios. Commasset makes it easy to: • know... En savoir plus

respond+ is an incident management software that helps businesses view and collaborate with volunteers on incidents, vehicles and other geo objects via audio, video and text messages in real-time. The platform enables managers to... En savoir plus

BEAGLE is a criminal justice data integration and analytics software designed to be the all-in-one software for modern-day policing. BEAGLE comes with advanced visual recognition, real-time analytics, and social media integration... En savoir plus

Gov2biz is a comprehensive SaaS platform for government licensing and permitting agencies, providing everything they need to regulate business, professional and occupational licenses via a unified portal. The platform includes... En savoir plus

Commshop is the only asset, inventory, + workorder management solution that can integrate directly with radios + radio systems. Purpose-built for organizations that manage + maintain radios + communications equipment assets.... En savoir plus