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Cammio is a cloud-based live and automated video interviewing platform that features candidate pre-screening assessment modules and dedicated mobile apps for recruiters and candidates to interview on the go. Cammio can be used... En savoir plus

ConveyIQ is a cloud-based platform that helps HR professionals manage and improve candidate engagement using automation capabilities. The centralized platform allows users to create personalized email and text communications for... En savoir plus


VCV is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled video interviewing platform that enables businesses to search, call and screen candidates, improving overall hiring processes. Professionals can utilize the search bot to screen... En savoir plus

Intervue is a remote interviewing solution that helps businesses of all sizes conduct technical interviews utilizing a live coding tool. It provides a code editor, which allows candidates and interviewers to view, edit and... En savoir plus

Snaphunt is an AI-driven hiring platform and cloud-based recruiting software that helps employers source, evaluate and hire the right talent quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. Snaphunt leverages decades of recruitment... En savoir plus

JobPixel is harnessing the power of video to change the way companies hire, forever. Our video-first hiring platform is not only saving time and money by drastically improving the way in which companies identify and hire the best... En savoir plus

A video is worth a thousand CVs. Reworking combines the first three stages of the recruitment process into one, simple to use, self-video interview platform. Filter candidates by having them answer screening questions via video.... En savoir plus

Recruiting Software and Platform for the Hiring Process with Video Interview Software. HRBLADE saves hundreds of hours on recruiting. HRBLADE is a platform with a user-friendly interface and powerful functionality: Video... En savoir plus

vidREACH is a video messaging solution that helps businesses of all sizes design and send personalized videos to internal and external stakeholders. The platform enables human resource teams to create interactive coaching videos... En savoir plus

Mereos is an assessment solution for Academic and corporate Institutions which are created by Dorone Parienti. Mereos is a unifying hiring & proctoring platform that helps institutions conduct assessments remotely with an... En savoir plus