Cloud CMS is an on-premise and cloud-based headless CMS solution designed to help businesses create, manage, approve, preview and publish content across multiple platforms using an application programming interface (API).... En savoir plus

Canonic is low-code backend development and server management platform. The BaaS platform provides schemas that can be used by app developers, e-commerce specialists, software engineers, and other professionals in the technology... En savoir plus

Jetveo is an app builder software that helps programmers create applications quickly and inexpensively. It provides automated data backup. source code management, application templates, localization and programming flexibility. En savoir plus

Plasmic is a visual builder that helps teams build pages or parts of pages, enabling developers to integrate these into any website or app codebase. Marketers and designers can create frontends for web applications according to... En savoir plus

Codelia is a cloud-based software that provides businesses with a headless CMS to centralize the management and distribution of enterprise content. It enables users to create new pages, and multiple elements or fields, and... En savoir plus

InterRed is here to help you plan the entire customer journey, from the first draft of an idea of how to address your customers to the distribution of your finished campaigns into all channels of communication. It is the central... En savoir plus

Kernex is a Headless CMS that allows you to easily create, edit, and manage your content. Easily deliver your content to any channel and device with our powerful APIs. Use the cloud-based solution to build your API faster while... En savoir plus

Makaira is a headless CMS that allows you to quickly and easily build, innovate and test your e-commerce experience. The powerful frontend tool helps shop owners of all tech levels to build bespoke flows for their customers and... En savoir plus