NetOwl is an AI-enabled, multilingual text analytics solution that helps businesses manage big data processes including data extraction, sentiment analysis, name matching and identity resolution. The entity extraction module uses... En savoir plus

Bitext is a linguistic analysis platform that enables businesses to analyze text data and train conversation engines/chatbots using artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning technologies. It uses... En savoir plus

Luminoso is a text analytics solution that helps enterprises upload, evaluate and view customer insights data using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Its multilingual capabilities... En savoir plus

Cemantica est une plateforme comportant trois modules : mapping de parcours, gestion de projet et intégration VoC (Voice of Customer). Cemantica est une solution cloud qui aide les entreprises à visualiser et analyser le... En savoir plus

IntenCheck is a cloud-based text analysis solution designed to help business professionals, writers, teachers and journalists analyze different tone and communication styles and gain insights into intent, sentiments and attitude... En savoir plus

StraViso is a customer management software designed to help businesses in insurance, banking and finance, healthcare, media and other sectors use artificial intelligence-enabled tools such as chatbots to facilitate two-way... En savoir plus

Revuow is a web-based natural language generation SaaS, developed by ETH Spinoff Beratics in Switzerland. An artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled tool, it helps organizations generate professionally written, search engine... En savoir plus