DSMN8 facilite la transformation de vos employés en influenceurs, créateurs de contenu, vendeurs sociaux et éditeurs. Cette technologie innovante aide les marques à exploiter la puissance de votre atout numéro un, vos employés,... En savoir plus


ADA is an AI Conversational Marketing Platform. In these competitive times, the consumer is increasingly demanding and active. That is why, faced with the need to acquire tools that are more affordable and adaptable to different... En savoir plus

Ujoin is an advocacy management solution in the cloud, designed to help NGOs, trade organizations, and advocacy groups manage their grassroots campaigns to influence decision-making at a local, departmental, state, federal, or... En savoir plus

Orca is a sales force automation software designed to help sales and customer success teams monitor and manage referral requests. The platform enables administrators to create custom rules to approve and manage the validity of... En savoir plus