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Fonto is an online XML editor, designed for people with no knowledge of XML or any other technology that comes with structured content authoring. With Fonto, the creation of structured content authoring is simple. The system... En savoir plus

MODX is a content management system that helps businesses of all sizes streamline operations related to content creation, resource management, permission control, and automatic failover handling, among other processes. It enables... En savoir plus

NetX is a cloud-based digital asset management solution for organizations in various industries, including museums, higher education, travel/tourism, plus more. The solution can also be deployed on-premise on Windows and Linux... En savoir plus

Kiora is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses in hospitality and transportation industries manage media content across multiple digital platforms and content delivery as well as licensing. Key features include asset... En savoir plus

OpenKM is a cloud-based content management solution that helps businesses manage processes for automatic cataloging through optical character recognition (OCR), mail archiving, cryptography, calendars and more. Key features... En savoir plus

Wordable is a blog management app which enables content managers and blog editors to transfer blog posts and pages from Google Docs to Wordpress quickly and easily, through a simple one click. Wordable gives users permissions to... En savoir plus

EcoDocs automates and standardizes business processes to eliminate human errors, save time and increase productivity while reducing variability in every day activities. Design workflows in a visual way to have them documented and... En savoir plus

Titan CMS is a cloud-based enterprise content management platform designed to help businesses of all sizes build, edit and manage websites, intranet, extranet, mobile apps and portals. Titan CMS offers data lists, which enables... En savoir plus

CloudBlue Services provide opportunity for small business owners to build online / digital presence via utilization of ASP.NET Core OrchardCore Content Management Solution with which their online digital presence can be built.... En savoir plus