Hey is a smart inbox that works with Gmail to help you focus on what matters. An email is more than just an email - it contains information, has attachments, and your interaction with it is more important than how it was sent by... En savoir plus

Mailstrom is an email management solution for Yahoo, Google, and Outlook that is designed to help users manage their inboxes without overcomplicating the process. It allows you to easily filter messages through the use of... En savoir plus

Everest is a cloud-based email marketing solution designed to help businesses execute campaigns, improve customer outreach and track email deliverability metrics from within a unified platform. Professionals can monitor created,... En savoir plus

Postmark is an email management solution that helps businesses handle, track and streamline the delivery of emails on a centralized platform. Professionals can use the dashboard to generate administrative reports and track the... En savoir plus

JetSend is an email management platform designed to help businesses send, track, and manage transactional emails. With JetSend, users can send emails from dedicated IPs, track engagement using AI-enabled algorithms, and manage... En savoir plus

HCL Notes is an email client solution that helps businesses streamline communication management, client interaction and collaboration operations. The application enables employees to manage emails, view calendars and store client... En savoir plus

Flexmail enables organizations and marketing teams to save time sending out surveys and polls, collecting them, going through data, arranging it into categories, and adding it to the database. It lets users create forms or survey... En savoir plus

500Mail is the best email software used for businesses and individuals for accessing their emails. It is the best software to collaborate within a team. Users can create an unlimited number of mailboxes for several domains and... En savoir plus

Servermx is an email hosting & management platform for business and individuals. Servermx is GDPR compliant as is focused on privacy and security. Servemx allows to use multiple domain names. The most important features are: ... En savoir plus

IntraHub is a secure, easy-to-use cloud solution for internal collaboration. IntraHub allows users to set up their own 'hub' that is customized for their company's business purpose and provides all the collaboration tools needed... En savoir plus

Birdsenger is a cloud-based marketing platform designed to help users personalize and automate their emails. With the web-based, drag and drop editor, users are able to create email templates with ease. Once templates are created... En savoir plus