eSpark is a student engagement platform that helps schools, small educational groups and districts design, deploy and manage independent coaching, online teaching and eLearning sessions for grades K-5. Organizations can create... En savoir plus

WileyPLUS is an eLearning solution that helps education institutions create personalized courses, assessments, quizzes, tests and study modules for students. It allows instructors to design various online learning resources such... En savoir plus

Ruzuku is a learning management system, which helps educational institutions streamline processes related to course authoring, payment processing, progress tracking and more. Students can utilize the platform to sign up, pay for... En savoir plus

EasyIEP is a web-based special education case management tool that helps create individualized education plans. The solution enables school districts to document and record behavior patterns of students, which assists them to... En savoir plus

Watermark is a cloud-based software purpose-built for higher education to provide insights that inspire progress. By automating tedious tasks and simplifying data collection, Watermark’s solutions give faculty and staff more time... En savoir plus

eTutor is a cloud-based school, exam and learning management system, which helps government organizations and educational institutions streamline processes related to academic schedules, attendance tracking and more. Schools can... En savoir plus

Brainscape is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS), which helps educational institutions and businesses streamline student and staff training processes using space repetition technique-based flashcards. Educators can... En savoir plus

Digication is a learning management and assessment solution designed to help enterprises, K-12 schools and higher education facilities store electronic portfolios, track course outcomes and more. Students can create electronic... En savoir plus

DrivED is a learning management system (LMS) designed to help educational institutions and corporate businesses create courses, manage curriculum and track the performance of students or staff members. Professionals can add... En savoir plus

Know-How is a web-based digital learning software designed to help businesses in the finance industry gain access to various learning content, tutorials, video nuggets and more. Key features include course management, learner... En savoir plus

Motive LMS is an eLearning management software designed to help businesses create, launch and manage SCORM compliant modules for managing workforce training. The platform includes white-labelling capabilities, which enable... En savoir plus

Ringorang is a mobile, SaaS-based gamified micro-learning solution that delivers training consistently until employee behaviors are changed. Key features include quiz-based engagement, variable interval scheduling, result-driven... En savoir plus

Edureka is an eLearning Authoring tool that helps businesses provide corporate trainings to enhance employee skills across cloud computing, software testing, data science, project management and digital marketing, among other... En savoir plus

Stepik is a course authoring solution that enables teachers, instructors and educational institutions to manage course creation, publishing, assessments, progress monitoring and more. The platform includes automated grading... En savoir plus