Ontabee is a food ordering application that helps restaurants streamline processes related to pickup/delivery, location tracking, payment processing and more. It enables users to configure time slots to display the availability... En savoir plus

RestoPOS is a cloud-based restaurant management solution designed to help bars, eateries and restaurants streamline processes related to inventory tracking, digital menus, point-of-sale (POS), billing and more. Administrators can... En savoir plus

Chosio is the QR-Menu that works for you. Easy to use drag and drop menu builder that works on desktop and mobile. Update your menu in real time, something out of stock? In 1 click your customers know. Chosio is packed with neat... En savoir plus

Skrible helps restaurant managers manage their inventory faster, easier and cheaper. Our software connects to multiple POS systems, automatically uploads invoices, provides one of the easiest recipe setup screens and unlimited... En savoir plus

Rapidbar is simply the best bar and restaurant inventory app on the market. The easiest and faster way to control the inventory of your restaurant, bar, or hotel. RapidBar is packed with features like automated suppliers orders,... En savoir plus

ALLPOS is cloud-based point-of-sale software specifically created for restaurants and cafes of all size The software offers online stores and customer service tools as well as features such as online payments, real-time... En savoir plus

AB GO eats, a curbside food pick-up and delivery platform, enables users to order and pay for food with their mobile devices. The application links users to a catalog of local restaurants, eateries and refreshment companies.... En savoir plus

Tiniva is a Doctor appointment booking software which allows your patient to book the appointment online and lets you easily make, change and track your appointments. We provide Doctor scheduling software which supports both... En savoir plus

Fobesoft is the brain child of Geordy Murphy, the restaurant industry veteran with 30+ years of experienece. He has extensive experience in opening and managing successful restaurants. One of his model restaurants "Geordy's" has... En savoir plus

Innovorder is a POS solution that helps restaurants with managing inventory, taking orders, and tracking customer loyalty. The main features of Innovorder include discount management, customer database, sales reporting, payment... En savoir plus

MENU is a market-leading restaurant technology that enables eCommerce businesses for multi-unit restaurant brands around the world. It offers a fully integrated and masterfully designed branded digital ordering apps extended... En savoir plus

With digitalization, the restaurant industry has emerged with a new look. PosEase software has proved to be a boon for this industry. From online ordering to the processing of bills, management of inventory and the processing of... En savoir plus

Lineup.ai is a cutting-edge software solution that uses AI to generate dynamic, super-accurate sales forecasts and suggests optimized labor schedules for restaurants. With precise forecasting, managers are able to create highly... En savoir plus

Waiter X is the future of dining. With this restaurant software, you can manage the entire experience through your cell phone. No more waiting around for a waiter to take your order! Plus, it replaces the point of sale and order... En savoir plus