SpendBoss is a cloud-based supply chain management (SCM) solution suitable for small to midsize businesses in a variety of industries. Key features include spend management, analytics, budgeting and product ordering. SpendBoss... En savoir plus

Flowhub is a cloud-based point of sales (POS) solution for dispensaries. Key features include activity tracking, cost management, inventory management, a configurable product catalog, custom report generation and digital menu... En savoir plus

WinSale is a POS software with a built-in inventory system that aims to increase organization and efficiency. This solution allows you to complete sales and refunds while also managing stock. Inventory can be searched for by a... En savoir plus

Invoay has emerged from the simple idea that a business owner deserves the time to focus on what matters the most that is its customers. The cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution intends to bridge the disconnect between... En savoir plus

HARMONiQ is an all-one-one ERP solution designed for wholesale & distribution based businesses with complex inventory and management requirements. Allowing you to stay in control, have full visibility of information across your... En savoir plus

A global Supply Chain management platform, SaaS-based, cloud-hosted, enabling Item-level traceability to streamline your Supply Chain. Unlock visibility for critical business functions including operational performance, location... En savoir plus

Breeze ERP is an ERP for small and medium-sized businesses that helps them integrate all their business processes in real-time while having full control and visibility. Breeze is ideal for the manufacturing, retail, and... En savoir plus

ALLPOS is cloud-based point-of-sale software specifically created for restaurants and cafes of all size The software offers online stores and customer service tools as well as features such as online payments, real-time... En savoir plus

Brandcrush is a simple but powerful platform enabling businesses worldwide to digitally transform in-store and on-site media and brand partnership opportunities. The technology takes owned media management online, which otherwise... En savoir plus

Innovorder is a POS solution that helps restaurants with managing inventory, taking orders, and tracking customer loyalty. The main features of Innovorder include discount management, customer database, sales reporting, payment... En savoir plus

InfiViz: Retail Visual Intelligence platform for global FMCG brands Image Recognition AI built for CPG leaders to optimize store execution and improve per-store store sales through accurate and real-time retail insights. Built... En savoir plus

Scayle is an enterprise commerce engine with three components including commerce technology, commerce operations, and online marketing. As a headless, modular, API-first solution, it’s flexibly adaptable. Various features are... En savoir plus

With FITONEBOX, your company can run smoothly without any hassles. It is a web-based software application integrated across all departments of your company allowing for complete control of complex tasks such as inventory... En savoir plus

StoreApp is a POS solution designed to help retailers increase sales and earnings. It offers a user-friendly design and seamless inventory management features for multi-store and multi-outlet businesses. StoreApp provides... En savoir plus

Designed for businesses in electronics, retail, cosmetics, technology and other industries, CT Mobile is a cloud-based CRM platform that helps increase field sales productivity. The software enables field sales teams to dramatical... En savoir plus

Stok.ly is a cloud-based platform designed to help small to midsize retailers manage operations related to electronic point-of-sale, stock control, and multi-channel listings. The platform enables users to update data across all... En savoir plus

effie> is a SaaS service for the efficient sales and brand management in stores, where the customer makes a choice, and the product turns into a purchase. The effie> service is for CPG and Pharma companies, distributors,... En savoir plus

Zadinga is a powerful shop management app that was developed keeping in mind the pain points of today's retailers. 1) A retailer-centric app that helps them add and manage their stock. 2) Easily create bills/invoices 3)... En savoir plus

Shopgate provides retailers with an omnichannel suite, which enables them to be successful in both the digital world and the real one. The heart of this offer is a versatile omnichannel suite that can be used flexibly as software... En savoir plus

Hyperin is a leading platform for shopping mall management, tenant engagement and connecting the digital and physical consumer journey. The HyperIn Platform contains three products - Manage, Monetize, and Connect. With all... En savoir plus

Pickware is an ERP system with solutions for warehouse management, shipping, point of sale and online shop. Pickware automates warehouse and shipping processes and manages all sales channels centrally in one system according to... En savoir plus

Predict is a leading attention AI app designed to accurately predict customer attention, allowing businesses to optimize all of their visual assets before publication. Predict is an AI-powered online attention tool that... En savoir plus

Space planning, planogram creation & audit, retail analytics, assortment optimization, and many more. Increase sales and save labor time by at least 50% through demand-driven and space-driven planogram creation and implementation... En savoir plus

Current volatility requires a radical new demand planning environment that empowers planners to take back control and respond to changes faster and more accurately. Garvis supplements the planners' strength with transparent AI... En savoir plus

Conçue pour les détaillants multi-unités, les fabricants, les pharmacies et les entreprises hôtelières, Bindy est une plate-forme basée sur le cloud qui permet de rationaliser les flux de travail d'inspection, d'identifier les... En savoir plus