Immuta is designed to help data teams deliver automated access and privacy controls for safely analyzing sensitive data in the cloud. It helps businesses improve the collaboration between data and compliance teams to streamline... En savoir plus

Defendocs est une solution de conformité au RGPD conçue pour aider les petites et moyennes entreprises à protéger les données et à stocker des documents dans un référentiel centralisé. La mission de Defendocs est d'éliminer le... En savoir plus


ibi est une plateforme cloud de BI (Business Intelligence) et d'analytique qui propose des outils analytiques, des applications, des rapports et des documents pour les parties prenantes de l'entreprise, telles que les équipes de... En savoir plus


JMP est une solution d'analyse de données sur site qui aide les scientifiques, les ingénieurs et les spécialistes de la gestion des données à comprendre les relations complexes entre les données et à les visualiser à l'aide de... En savoir plus

Discover actionable insights in your data silos! Lumenore democratizes business intelligence with no-code analytics. Empower your entire team to derive insights from data - giving you a transparent view of your operations and... En savoir plus

Golden Research Engine is a cloud-based data discovery solution that helps small to large enterprises retrieve information on queries by accessing the in-built knowledge base. The centralized platform provides administrators with... En savoir plus

Classify360 is a cloud-based risk management solution designed to help businesses maintain compliance and manage data in a centralized repository. The administrative dashboard enables users to track document statuses, review... En savoir plus

Intelligize is a web-based research management tool that helps educational institutions, accounting and consulting firms and corporate businesses extract, collect and analyze regulatory data to streamline legal research processes.... En savoir plus

IOTICS IS SOFTWARE FOR DATA INTERACTIONS. WE ARE CHANGING HOW THE WORLD USES AND SHARES DATA. In IOTICSpace digital twins virtualize data sources and consumers. In a decentralised data mesh digital twins use semantic web... En savoir plus

The IP management suite combines long-term hands-on IP expertise and integrated IP country law with smart digital tools. It helps businesses digitalize their IP portfolio and all related records, including documents, due dates,... En savoir plus

Qostodian is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline data discovery, classification and access. Features include data flow monitoring, duplicate file detection, compliance management, user... En savoir plus

Datom is a data integration tool that helps in creating data pipelines, moving data in and across any cloud, and bringing valuable insight to businesses. Datom offers a hosted, code-free, “anybody can use” data integration... En savoir plus

Platform that helps run multidisciplinary simulations and manage huge amounts of data efficiently. With VOLTA, ESTECO Enterprise platform for Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) and design optimization, businesses can... En savoir plus