Yoroflow is a web-based no-code workflow automation platform that helps SMEs and enterprise organizations manage, automate, and optimize business processes. It helps streamline business tasks and manage a single digital workflow... En savoir plus

TASKBOSS enables businesses to design projects in a visual project plan according to the WBS principle and move tasks and sub-projects on the project plan and assign them to freely creatable phases and branches of your projects.... En savoir plus

AnyHow is a business management solution that helps agencies and organizations manage project discussions, invoices, timesheets, reports, and more on a cloud platform. Features include invoicing, payment processing, project... En savoir plus

Keypup was founded in 2019 and provides a SaaS solution allowing engineering teams to overcome software development process blockers and challenges by combining data from their development and project management platforms. Strivi... En savoir plus

Taskerium is a tool for field service employee management, providing automated end-to-end workflow coverage. This allows you to concentrate entirely on your business development, leaving behind all routine operations taking most... En savoir plus

Workdeck is a project management software designed to help businesses manage back-office operations including financial management and task execution. Administrators can track the status or progress of work across remote,... En savoir plus

Copper is a project management software that helps businesses streamline collaboration, budgeting, reporting and task management operations across projects. Administrators can use the application to add new users to the digital... En savoir plus

OpusView is a people engagement platform for mid to large sized organizations. OpusView unlocks people potential to define and deliver high impact business outcomes. OpusView’s highly capable and intuitive suite that equips... En savoir plus

Pomodizer is a time tracking solution based on the Pomodoro method, which enables businesses to plan and manage tasks. Key features of Pomodizer include checklists, search functionality, recurring tasks and swimlanes. Managers... En savoir plus

Tweek is a weekly to do calendar app for a stress-free planning your life and work. It also well fits project management and handling tasks for small and mid-sized teams. Simple, minimal design and weekly calendar view make... En savoir plus

Evulu is an idea management platform that allows businesses to translate user research findings into personas, experience maps, user journeys and service blueprints. Teams can create a report to showcase research ideas, define an... En savoir plus

ProjectOne is a project management solution that helps businesses with team management, task tracking, and objectives planning. The main features of ProjectOne include release management, workflow management, alerts and notificati... En savoir plus

triConvey’s powerful conveyancing practice management software gives teams access to all the benefits of an integrated search platform and features next-generation search platform Integration. Businesses can manage tasks,... En savoir plus

JungleMail is internal newsletter software built entirely for companies in Office 365. The synergy with SharePoint creates a powerful internal communication platform that allows users to: - Send directly to your Office 365, AD... En savoir plus

Vervo is a cloud-based productivity platform for managing personal and professional goals and projects. Main features include project management, goal tracking, daily agenda, team collaboration, and a chatboard. En savoir plus

With Planzer.io you get the software running in the browser that will help you plan your day and your entire week. Our many integrations to Outlook, Outlook calendar, Google Calendar, Trello and more to come, helps you to create... En savoir plus

InfinCE, a digital workplace platform to manage your end-to-end business operations and enhance the employee experience. It is a smart collaboration and remote working platform hosted on a secure private cloud that can easily... En savoir plus

Planndu is a task management app that helps businesses get more things done and build long-lasting habits. With Planndu teams can manage time easily, organize day-to-day chores, make a shopping list to share with family,... En savoir plus

ClockIt is a cloud-based time and expense management platform that helps small to large law firms manage projects, documents, billing processes and more. ClockIt enables law firms to run their practice more efficiently with... En savoir plus

IntraHub is a secure, easy-to-use cloud solution for internal collaboration. IntraHub allows users to set up their own 'hub' that is customized for their company's business purpose and provides all the collaboration tools needed... En savoir plus

Designed for businesses in the hospitality industry, TaskHub is a cloud-based software that helps manage orders, automatically assign tasks, and track employee productivity from a centralized platform. It lets staff members... En savoir plus


SAU is an innovative and flexible app that allows you to manage your tasks and projects in multiple ways. You can create your own toolbox with different combinations of Calendars or Boards, create task dependencies and track... En savoir plus